Jordan Van

Name: Jordan Van

Age: 13

Nickname: Buggles

Career/job: Year 8 Student

Hobbies: Rc Racing, Motorbike riding and playing my xbox

Sponsors: Race Pro Rc Supplies, Proline Australia, HEI, Premier Model Supplies and my dad's bank account.

Classes: Nitro Buggy and Truggy

Car Models: Soon to be Mbx8 Buggy and Mbx7t Truggy

Motors: Reds Wr7 (Buggy)

Fuel: Neo+ Race Fuel

Tyre Brand: Proline

Favourite Tyre: X3 Blockades

Radio: Futaba 4PX

Servo's: Highest

Best Result: Taking out 3rd place for the juniors at the 2017 Melbourne Nationals.

RC Role Model: Dean Ross and Caleb Noble.

Best Rc Moment: Bumping all the way from the 1/32nd finals to the 1/8 finals at the Melbourne Nationals in 2017

Final Words: I would like to thank Dad for all of his time he puts into our racing, the money he spends and for taking us all over the country to race. I would also like to thank all of our sponsors for helping us out with all of our tires, parts and engines.